CANON updated Linux drivers (i-Sensys MF 8330)

I am an owner of a CANON i-Sensys MF 8330Cdn and until today I was a little disappointed about my choice to buy this device. Somehow I was unable to compile the driver CANON provided. Even after googling and reading through several forums I didn’t succeed.

Providing a few lines of code, binaries and 32-bit RPMs was not enough for me (and my 64bit Ubuntu). And even when I finally made to compile that *CENSORED* driver and importing and setting up in cups it just didnt execute printing jobs (like all forums reported).

That was until today. CANON updated the driver to version 2.70  on 15-Jul-13 and even provided RPM/DEB-files for 32 AND 64bit!!! WOW!

Testing with Ubuntu 12.04.3 64bit: SUCCESS

Here is a download-link:

Beware: the latest package is not avaivable in english but in german language!


I still havent tried to scan via network (like in Windows) but to be honest I havent even tried to google for any


If you need any help, tell me 😉

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