CANON updated Linux drivers (i-Sensys MF 8330)

I am an owner of a CANON i-Sensys MF 8330Cdn and until today I was a little disappointed about my choice to buy this device. Somehow I was unable to compile the driver CANON provided. Even after googling and reading through several forums I didn’t succeed.

Providing a few lines of code, binaries and 32-bit RPMs was not enough for me (and my 64bit Ubuntu). And even when I finally made to compile that *CENSORED* driver and importing and setting up in cups it just didnt execute printing jobs (like all forums reported).

That was until today. CANON updated the driver to version 2.70  on 15-Jul-13 and even provided RPM/DEB-files for 32 AND 64bit!!! WOW!

Testing with Ubuntu 12.04.3 64bit: SUCCESS

Here is a download-link:

Beware: the latest package is not avaivable in english but in german language!


I still havent tried to scan via network (like in Windows) but to be honest I havent even tried to google for any


If you need any help, tell me 😉

multithreading with perl

I love challanges and due to a new perl script I now do have a new.

In this case I have a script which checks about 600k lines – each a URL to a folder or a file on a webserver. The file was made via shell with „find .“ on a storage with a lot of folders (empty and not empty), different types of data (almost mp3, mp4, aac and pdf).
To the most of thes files I have a database with a path on our webserver but unfortunately not to about 1TB of data. So now I want to use multithreading to check these files if they are in the database (only to AV-Files) and on our webserver (we periodically delete files, but only if we know they exist).

For http-check I might use multicurl but that doesnt check my database, so why not multithreading? My script now works perfectly single-threaded but it takes about 5 days for a run.

Unfortunately my programming skills are verry moderaty and I haven’t done something like this yet.

I’ve found something like an introduction to this here:

This doesnt work for my well because the webserver I want to check only allows 1023 active connections from an IP (I dont want to modify that) and I really dont want to start 600k (600.000) Threads at the same time.

This took me to this site (who had the same thoughts as I do):

So guys, wish me luck that I get this into my head and code working.


If you wish to get the code for your duty feel free to ask. I dont bite 😉 will Grundsatzentscheidung bezüglich Störerhaftung

Guys, I was planning to keep my site completely in english. Somehow this will be the first german entry. Let’s see how long it takes until I publish my first hungarian article 😉

So, wie es aussieht wurde ein Mitglied von Freifunk Rheinland wegen Urheberrechts abgemahnt (siehe Link). Anscheinend gibt es gegen Filesharing bei Freifunk Sicherheitsmechanismen, die in diesem Fall versagt haben (so lese ich das raus). Da sich das die Freifunker nicht gefallen lassen wollen, wollen sie vor Gericht gehen – notfalls in die letzte Instanz – und wir alle bekommen wohl endlich eine Grundsatzentscheidung, wann wir für Gäste in unseren Wlan-Netzen haften und wann nicht.  Nun sammelt Freifunk Rheinland Spenden für die Gerichtskosten und ist heute bei etwa 14kEUR angekommen.

Eine Kanzlei (die Abmahnende Kanzlei?)  Damm hat auch schon auf der Kanzlei-eigenen Seite einen Beitrag geschrieben (siehe Link).

Ich wünsche euch viel Erfolg, Freifunker!

registrated at nagios exchange

Last friday I finally registrated at Nagios Exchange ( ). From now on you will be able to find my nagios plugins in between hundreds of plugins and you’ll be able to discuss with other users about features, bugs and code quality.

I still need approval at nagios exchange’s site but I think it is not a big deal.

In future I will add all my plugins to this site AND to nagios exchange.

New appearance

Hi there

I finally made it. My homepage is avaivable in new shiny appearance. Unfortunately it took longer than I thought.

I am still experimenting with wordpress so maybe it still will be changed a bit or a lot 😉